Saturday, August 27, 2005


Just a while ago I was thinking about why the hell I'm so bored these days. Then I figured this was probably because I had a few school projects to complete (ie. things to actually DO). Instead of becoming less bored due to the fact that I had things to do, I don't feel like doing those things and therefore actively seek for other things to do. I can't find that many things to do, and normally I wouldn't care, but because I'm doing this to keep away from the projects, I keep looking. Looking for something to do is incredibly boring, especially little things that are not supposed to take up much time, just keep me away from my projects until I feel like doing them, so I'm not looking for fruitful activities, but rather for time-wasters.

I think I might pick up a language at the end of the semester. I'm thinking French. Hmm... I'm so screwed up.


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