Saturday, August 06, 2005

Stuff to be done

Below I came up with a list of stuff I have to do in this lifetime. (Actually as I write this I have not written the list but then by the time this is posted it would have been.)

This is not a list of my greater life goals, which I claim to my friends are inconceivable but I actually just do not wish to reveal. This is a list of things that if I do not do by the time I die, would probably cause my ghost to cry every night for the rest of eternity and spook the shit out of sissy boys and girls.

And now, the list:
- Get a good wife
- Have sex (EDIT: Not that sex is necessary for a wife to be "good" but who wants to die a virgin?)

Eh... who knew my list of have-to-dos was so short? I'm easily contented I guess.

Tomorrow or later today I will post a list of nice-to-dos that will almost certainly be longer but still will not include my life goals. :)


Anonymous Your Good Wife said...

12 years later you checked them off your list

3:27 pm  

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