Tuesday, August 09, 2005

National Day Message

I saw the repeat of the National Day message by the PM today and there was one thing that I found rather amusing. I noticed that there were subtitles as he was giving the message and I could imagine in my head something like this:

PM Lee: "W...what do I need subtitles for?? I speak perfect English!"

Also, yesterday I saw the message delivered in Mandarin by Wong Kan Seng. The only thing I actually found partially interesting about that was the zooming of the camera, which kept going in and out for no apparent reason. Perhaps the cameraman too was bored by the message. I suspect the Minister could have been more interesting in his delivery of the message, but to me it didn't seem like he was putting much effort into that. The result was that I, and I suspect quite a handful of other viewers, did not know what he was talking about at all.

I just read that the English message was subtitled for the hearing-impaired. That still doesn't make it any less amusing to me though :).

EDIT: Happy National Day BTW :)


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