Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A simplistic English composition

Yesterday I thought of writing an English compo as if I was in primary school. I shall refer to my self from primary school as Kiwi. You may download the final result here.

An Angry Man

Trying to write as Kiwi would write was very easy of course, but it made me think a little about the way Kiwi thought and the way he wrote. Particularly, Kiwi would put a full stop before and after the final inverted comma in a sentence when it was quoting a sentence. He was taught to do so by an English teacher either in P2 or P3.

"He did it like so.".

"I now do it like so."

"I'm not really sure, but sometimes I may do it as so".

I am quite sure at least a couple of Kiwi's English compos started with "it was a bright and sunny day" and that many of the stories happened on his way home from school.

I suspect this pattern is because Kiwi rather lacked a life but I would prefer to think that this was the way with most primary school students and that Kiwi in fact had more of a life than I do :(.

Here is the compo if you do not wish to/are unable to download the Word document.
It was a bright and sunny day. I was very happy that day because I had just got back my exam results and they were good. I was hopping happily on my way home when I saw a car stopped at the side of the road. A man was standing beside the car looking very unhappy.

I walked to the man and asked him what was wrong. “Go away,” he said, “leave me alone.”. I quickly walked away because the man sounded very angry and I felt I should leave him alone. After walking a short distance, I heard a loud noise coming from behind and I turned to look. I saw the man running around his car shouting loudly at other people. I quickly ran home because he looked really angry.

When I reached home, I told my mother about the man and she said she saw the man on the news. He had punched a few people who wanted to help him and he was caught by the police. I was lucky he did not hit me.

Holy shit was that short or what? The rest of this blog entry is probably longer than the whole compo from what I'm seeing in the preview. Then again, I didn't claim this was a secondary school compo, yes?


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