Friday, August 19, 2005

Because I'm bored... and because I wrote this in my project report

hey it rhymes...

I'm guessing my project supervisor will probably get me to remove this part from my report. Since I don't feel like doing anything else...
Below is a list of variations of the word “blog” ranging from the somewhat realistic to the downright ridiculous. I expect some of these words to become commonly used in the future:
•Celebrog – A blog created in conjunction with or as a celebration.
•Cereblog – Frequent updating of an individual’s mind, referring to the everyday process of learning or thinking. May also refer to a blog updated by telepathy or mind-control, and the act of updating such a blog.
•Corplog – A corporate blog.
•Phoneblog – Similar to audioblog, a blog made up of audio recordings. Otherwise, a blog updated by the use of a telephone, or the act of updating such a blog.
•Shoutblog – A blog in which every letter is capitalised, making it seem as if the author is constantly speaking loudly. Otherwise, a blog updated in some way related to shouting, and the act of updating such a blog. The term “shoutblogging” may be shortened into the word “shouting”.


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