Friday, October 07, 2005

Been some time hasn't it?

So it just came to me recently that this blogging thing that I do is actually also a time-waster like so many other things that I do. How so? Because now that I have lots of free time and nothing to do, I actually blog less. Strange how I'm using something that actually requires some thinking as a time-waster.

Anyway, today I was thinking back to a time before I was as much of an ass as I am now (not that I'm that much of an ass actually). A time when I actually might order drinks for my friends when I go to the drink store myself. A time when I actually called people "friends". A time when I spoke less vulgar. (A time when I was less boastful? Nah...) The change started during my lower secondary school days.

For easy reference, and simply because it's cool, I shall refer to myself from lower secondary as "the Devil" (the other Devil shall be referred to with his other names, or simply "that evil guy/thing/demon"). I didn't have a nickname in my lower secondary school days, not that I can recall anyway, but there was this once a teacher of mine said something along these lines: "This Quentin ah... He looks like an angel but he's the Devil". Of course this would imply a certain degree of awesome in my young ego but then I was quite a screwed up individual at the time.

Main point is, from the Devil's perspective, he wasn't trying to be a bad student or anything. All he was was just bloody lazy, and afraid, and what have you. Shit happened. Detention. Calling up by teachers at night. Scolding (read: shouting). Escaping of detention (WTF was the Devil thinking?). Sitting/standing in front of the assembly. "Counselling" sessions (weren't pleasant). And other stuff.

Certainly the Devil did not intend for all that to happen - even though he was definitely largely responsible - and he was rather confounded by how a big deal could be made of it, and so am I. Of course in retrospect I can almost see how I may look like a total dick of a student to my teachers - I can almost see.

Hmm... hold on... all that has nothing to do with me becoming an ass now does it? Maybe a little. For that was part of what led to the somewhat anti-social state Quentin reached when he was freaking transferred for failing.

All that, and more, next time, on Quentin's Blog :D.


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