Monday, September 19, 2005

Controller Revolution

If you're into this sort of thing, you probably already have heard, seen, read ... and heard, read, and read again about the controller that Nintendo revealed for its next-generation game console (previously codenamed Revolution, presently nameless) that kinda looks like a remote control (disambiguation: a TV remote control).

Linkies: Gamespot impressions, Gamespot on the unveiling, 1UP article, eToychest interview, Eurogamer interview

I figure this will be lots of fun but deviating so much from the rather standard console controller design will freak quite a few gamers. From what I've read from a few forums a small number have been freaking quite a lot :).

Anyway I'm now very excited about this new console and I will almost certainly buy it when it's released, by which time I'd have probably (read: definitely) graduated from Poly.

Of course my excitement doesn't really mean much these days because I'm excited about everything. Yesterday I was quite excited when one of my sister's bear dolls defeated the evil bolster-like-thing after a rather one-sided fight that mainly involved the bear headbutting and sitting on the bolster monster. I think I'm getting closer to losing it.


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