Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Haven't updated for quite some time because last week I was rushing the e-marketing plan part of the E-Commerce Project.

Today the first part of ECP is finally history with the presentation of the plan. For a while at least things are gonna be chill once again and things are starting to be looking up. Just 2 days ago a guy from the client company finally replied to an email message I sent to them, but since they replied to THAT specific message, I am now obligated to buy them cookies. Why? Because I put the subject of the email as this: "SP project, please read and reply ASAP and I will buy you cookies".


Today I also saw the prettiest girl I've seen in a long time on the MRT. I then saw her again when I was waiting for the bus at the interchange. I swear, her eyes are HUGE, easily among the more beautiful things I've seen in my lifetime. Man... I need to get a life.


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