Friday, July 08, 2005

How to give your project marker a virtual blowjob

If you read the title and are thinking that this entry has something to do with sex, please stop reading; the following is not for you. If you're still curious about the title, be my guest, and read on. You will learn more soon enough.

In the four semesters I have been in Singapore Poly, I have had considerably above average results, especially for modules with programming/scripting related projects: getting Distinctions for 4 out of 5 such modules. This semester, there is at least one module I am certain of getting a Distinction for, and for everyone else, that's SAD (pun definitely intended).

Although I'd like to think so, surely this result is not because I am t3h 1337. Below are several points I suspect are very important if one is to get a good result for one such project.

  1. Never settle for just enough. The guideline should be satisfaction. "Enough" is a vague concept, and "just enough" is almost always not enough.

  2. Think simple. Your goal should be to make a project that works and meets the requirements. If it works well, the rest will fall into place without any effort.

  3. Put yourself in the user's shoes. Think of what features the user might want to actually use. Keep only those that do not require a ridiculous amount of effort to add (see point 2). Put all that in.

You are now equipped to compete with all but the best of the best. If you do your project following the above points, my guess is that your marker will be so impressed with your work, he/she would get an orgasm from the excitement of seeing your project.


That wasn't too difficult was it? There wasn't even any real blowing involved :).


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