Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I love the silence

Every once in a while, before I go to sleep at night, I lie on my bed with the lights off and do nothing, except thinking. Really to call it thinking is rather pushing it as I don't do any deep thought. My mind kind of thinks of random stuff, lingering on seperate bubbles of thought, memories, ideas, whatever, for short moments. Dwelling in the space of my mind, I seldom ever get any fruit from this thinking, although I often get a cornucopia (hey, I learnt this word from FHM :D) of feelings and sensations, from sadness, regret, and fear, to elation, yearning, peacefulness, and even on rare occasions erotic sensations (hehe).

This afternoon, I realised that the area in my school known to my peers as 'daidee place' was a really nice place not just for lying down (which I often did on the benches here when I had nothing else to do) but also for just thinking, in a similar manner to what I wrote above. The place was bright, but not glaringly so, and also pleasantly quiet at certain times of the day.

Only in the silence can I do this kind of thinking, and I love the silence for this.


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